Which filtering jugs are better – Dafi or Britta?

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March 6, 2019
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When choosing a filtering jug, we should make sure that it meets our expectations as best as possible. There is a wide range of jugs from the two most popular producers – Dafi and Brita.

What are the differences between jugs?

First of all – appearance. Jugs are available in various designs, colours and sizes, having capacities from 1.3 to 4 litters. They are made of a combination of glass and plastic, or of plastic entirely. It is easy to choose a model that fits our needs – the smaller one is ideal for preparing water for direct consumption, a larger one for a bigger family or for preparing cooking water. The colour and design can also be adapted to the kitchen decor.

Secondly- functionality. Thanks to different filters, jugs can have additional functions. Both Brita and Dafi use filters consisting of activated carbon and an ion-exchange resin in jugs. Brita offers two types of standard filters that purify water from impurities and reduce water hardness. Brita filters differ only in shape. Dafi comes up with the filters that offer additional possibilities besides perfect cleaning and reducing the hardness of water. We can choose from:

MineralUp – a filter that enriches water with valuable magnesium ions, a very important element for proper functioning of a human body, in particular for heart and nervous system,

AntiLime – a filter that perfectly cleanses water and softens it thanks to higher reduction of hardness level. Reduces – among others – content of calcium and magnesium salt which can cause lime residue. This filter is recommended for use in kitchen and home appliances, like fridges with water dispensers, kettles, irons and coffee makers,

AlkalineUp – alkaline-generating filter increases the pH of water and gives the highest possible level of reduction of chlorine and organic pollutants.

However, there is something that all jugs have in common – the need to replace the filter every 4 weeks, so that we get the highest quality and purity of water. All filters also leave unchanged quantity of minerals that are present in water naturally (e.g. calcium and magnesium). .

Thanks to the greater diversity and many additional applications, the range of Dafi filtering jug will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.