How much does drinking water cost and how to save on it?

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Is filtered water a good way to hydrate the body?
March 15, 2019
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March 27, 2019
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How much does drinking water cost and how to save on it

Tab water is the cheapest and the easiest source of drinking water. However many people decide to buy bottled water for fear of low tab water quality. Unfortunately, the purchase of bottled water can be a big burden on every home budget. Bottled water prices vary widely, depending on the brand and bottle capacity. It is worth paying attention to the composition of the water we buy. The cheapest water can be very low in any mineral components, often neither mineral water nor tap water enriched with minerals or spring water.

It is worth having a filtering jug in order to be sure of the high quality and purity of the water we drink or use for cooking. Thanks to the jug, we will significantly reduce the cost of supplying our household with drinking water, while guaranteeing the highest quality and safety.

How to save on the cost of drinking water?

The cost of buying a jug is low and one-off and the jug will serve for many years. Filtering jugs – regardless of the material they are made of (combination of plastic and glass or entirely of plastic), they are durable, allowed to come into contact with drinking water- the buyer will easily find the optimal solution for yourself thanks to a large choice of capacity, colours and design. Exchangeable filter cartridges, placed in a jug, ensure healthy and clean water, free from organic and mechanical contamination. A small overall filter provides about 150-200 litters of water per month, which corresponds to 100-130 half-litter plastic bottles bought in a store.

In a simplified way, it’s enough to filter water at home without having to spend money on the water in the stores. The filter cartridge should be replaced every month to maintain high water quality and purity. Modern jugs have indicators that remind you about the need to replace the filter, and to reduce the cost you can buy filters in multipacks. One filter can replace the purchase of up to 300 bottles of water with a capacity of 500 ml.

In addition, filter cartridges are fully recyclable, and using filtering jugs, we can reduce waste production by up to 26kg of plastic per year. Thanks to this, the use of filtering jugs is not only convenient and easy, but also ecological and economical, as it reduces the costs of maintaining a household.