Can filtered water be deleterious?

How much does drinking water cost and how to save on it
How much does drinking water cost and how to save on it?
March 20, 2019
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Although the water quality in taps has improved significantly and is regularly tested, there is no guarantee that the water that reaches our taps has the same chemical and organoleptic features as when it passes through the purification process. In addition, chlorine is used to purify the water in the treatment stations, which can leave an unpleasant odor and aftertaste in the water. Water can also become mechanically contaminated (e.g. by sand or various sediments) when flowing through pipes, especially in older installations.

This is one of the reasons why purifying tap water has become so popular in homes in the recent years, and filtering jugs or flow filters have been used by many households. Thanks to filters containing ion exchange resin and activated carbon – substances that remove contaminants from water (including chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, mechanical dirt) they guarantee that tap water is thoroughly cleaned and free of all mechanical and organic impurities.

However, is the purified water so healthy and has it been completely deprived of micronutrients important for the organism?

Filtering tap water does not deteriorate its quality, on the contrary, it improves the health and taste and smell of water. The filters do not cause sterilization, i.e. they do not remove the elements and micronutrients positively affecting the body (like magnesium or calcium), naturally occurring in water.

Some filters can even enrich water with valuable magnesium ions (Dafi MineralUp). In addition, filtration reduces the water hardness level; so that no stone settles on the vessels (low-mineralized water is recommended, among others, in the prevention of kidney stones).

Materials used in the production are also tested and they are safe for health (they do not contain harmful Bisphenol type A). They are new and do not come from recycling Therefore you can use filtering jugs without any anxiety.